Custom mascara boxes help customers to select the perfect mascara. Are you wondering why? Various wholesale custom printed mascaras boxes  are available at retail stores, so bespoke packaging is a must. It eases the shopping experience and saves time. Thus, all you need is to read the label and add it to the cart. Hence informative yet stylish packaging benefits businesses and customers.

The hyper-competitive cosmetic industry is teeming with a plethora of brands. It provides customers with great options, but it is hard for brands to coin their identities. So unique and eye-catching designs are a must to stay one step ahead. Therefore, this blog is a must-read if you are looking for creative packaging styles.

Reverse Tuck End Custom Mascara Boxes

Mascaras come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. And brands prefer to pack them in unique packaging styles. But reverse tuck end is a common style. It is handy and easy to assemble. And it protects the mascara from damage.

Plus, it is customizable in different sizes, designs, and colors. 

Boxes With Windows

It is also known as partial cover packaging. And its key feature is the transparent sheet that gives an overview of the packed mascaras.

You can customize two-piece, tuck front or hang tab boxes with PVC sheets. And it is like a window and acts as a silent salesperson. Hence the top to small-scale beauty brands is in love with this style. 

Two-Piece Style

The name says it all! It consists of a lid and a base. And it can be designed in any material, print, color, or size. And it is the most common packaging style. It is easy to open and close and is a big-time saver. 

And later, you can use this box style for another purpose.

Tuck Front Style

Subscription or promotional boxes are the core of marketing campaigns. It lets you launch your latest mascara collection and attract potential customers. And tuck front box is in demand because of its versatile features. It double walled and provides maximum protection for cosmetic items.

Secondly, it provides amazing customization options like inside printing. Thus, you can print personalized messages to make the recipients feel special. 

Or you can guide makeup lovers about mascara in a box applications and hacks. Hence one way or the other, it creates a positive brand image. So custom printed mascara boxes take levels up your promotional game!

Tray And Sleeve Packaging

Looking for exclusive custom mascara packaging? How about a tray and sleeve box?

It is also known as drawer packaging and gives an unforgettable unboxing experience. The tray moves back and forth and provides optimum storage space. And the sleeve covers the tray.

Plus, you can embellish it with a card, ribbon, or sticker. It adds value to the cosmetic packaging and makes the customers feel happy. 

And for a more luxe look, you can apply customized finishing techniques. For instance, you can select foil stamping, embossing, or debossing. It adds more shine and character to the mascara box.

Hang tab Boxes

Every box can’t be placed on the retail shelf. At times brands prefer hang tab style. It is convenient to hang on the peg hook, or the sales stand.

As a result, it reaches the customer’s eye level and grabs their attention. Besides, it differentiates your custom mascara boxes and increases the purchase rate. Further, you can order the hang tabs in any size, color, or design.

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Counter-Display Mascara Boxes

It is clear from the box name that is placed on the counters. It is an open-box style and provides sufficient storage space.

Hence you can place multiple mascara boxes on the counter. Moreover, it keeps the individual boxes organized and prevents them from falling off. And it enhances the product exposure and lets the customers easily review it. 

And you make it presentable with bold colors, stylish font, and eye-catching images.

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